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Please speak out against PP Sex Ed program in public schools!

Read the PDF to learn more. Contact Hal Heiner, Secretary of Education, and the Catholic Conference of Kentucky (advocate of school choice). In the upcoming 2017 legislative session, School Choice legislation may be addressed. Voice your opinion on important issues.

KRLA Bulletin

KRLA.ORG | 134 BRECKINRIDGE LANE, LOUISVILLE, KY 40207 | 502-895-5959 | NOVEMBER 15, 2016

17 Ky. Legislative Seats Flipped D to R!

To go from a majority of Democrats to Republicans in our House of Representatives is appreciated by pro-lifers as God's help to us. KRLA's Mike Janocik and Dave Bauscher were passionately committed to creating a PAC Alert that would assist the "tsunami" and were called out by KRLA President Diana Maldonado at the Nov. 12 KRLA State Conference for their effective work.

Of the 79 Candidates KRLA endorsed for the House, 61 won, for a success rate of 77%. The direct mail program reported here supported 12 candidates, and seven won. A special "post card" success story: Toby Herald (D-91) who had lost his seat by only 14 votes in 2014, regained it last week with a margin of 1667 votes!

With Greg Stumbo gone, a very large "stumbo-ling" block to our progress has been removed. Our Conference speakers from the Kentucky Legislature encouraged us that we will carefully move forward now with the Pain Capable, Ultrasound, "Proper burial" and other bills that promote the sanctity of life. However, it will be a short (odd-year 30-day) session.

America's Media Watchdog and Students For Life President Headlined KRLA Conference

Ky House and Senate Legislators

We learned how our Legislature is changing and how we can most successfully access and influence our representatives. Special thanks to Representatives Addia Wuchner, Kim King and Joe Fischer and Senator Dan Seum for sharing their time and insights with us.

Brent Bozell stated statistics proving the strong bias in the media to elect Democrats, and shared in discussions following his talk that the current protestors are being paid by organizations that support their political agenda. Join Brent in his campaign against media bias! Read his latest article on Newsbusters.

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Kristin Hawkins enlightened us on how the "Millennials"—the generation now in their 20s and early 30s— think. She left a "cushy" job in the Bush administration to head the Students for Life of America, and her work in helping to establish pro-life groups on college campuses has enjoyed immense success. She convinced us that youth are in the lead in the fight against abortion, and will make America pro-life!

Member Alert!

SPECIAL REQUEST: We have learned from a Right to Lifer that on Thursday of last week, Willie Parker, an OB/GYN abortionist, spoke at Berea College. His topic: "Reproductive Justice in Christian Understanding: New Wine in Old Wine Skins, will focus on his Christian identity as a physician who performs abortions and who advocates for reproductive rights." Contact Berea President Lyle D. Roelofs to weigh in.

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