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KRLA.ORG | 134 BRECKINRIDGE LANE, LOUISVILLE, KY 40207 | 502-895-5959 | NOVEMBER 15, 2015

A look back at our 2015 State Conference


• how to approach end-of-life decision making • when it is reasonable to discontinue medical treatment • the Robert E. Lee vs. General Custer approach to facing terminal illnesses • how legalizing Physician-Assisted Suicide (PAS) makes doctors into killers
• that 25 states pushed ahead with "Death with Dignity" legislation recently.

2015 State Conference

• that Planned Parenthood received $528 million from state, local and federal monies (2013), which accounted for 41% of its income. • PP's other major source of income is from abortions PLUS sales of baby body parts. • Ask any who support PP to look at their record for criminal actions hurting young women and girls.


  • Pro-life doctors make a major difference with patients who have found out they have a terminal illness. See the Jeanette Hall story on YouTube.
  • We must defund PP, and KRLA is working to do that at the local and state levels. Stay in touch with our efforts through our website, We also have resources to share in the KRLA library about PP's illegal conduct for any to check out.
  • The National Catholic Bioethics Center offers free consultation for people seeking help in making bio-medical decisions. Today's health care options are bewildering and many people are unsure if some of these are ethical. A Catholic "End of Life" Guide is also available here.
  • Be ready to share good resources with those who believe PAS is helpful and needed. IT IS NOT.
  • We had the privilege of hearing the 2015 KRLA Oratory Contest winner, Amelia Tarrence, present her talk, which focuses on Eugenic Abortion— The Holocaust of the 21st Century. Read it online!

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