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Let's Rally for Life!

Attention Right To Lifers! UPCOMING— KRLA 2015 State Conference on November 14, 9 AM-2 PM, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Louisville! Three incredibly fantastic (!) speakers will share their insights about what we are dealing with in legislatures, courtrooms and communities across America as we confront the push for Euthanasia and the Planned Parenthood agenda. Please join us! More information | RSVP

KRLA Bulletin

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A reflection...

Something to think about

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We're proud of our QUALITY candidates!

If you missed the final debate between Matt Bevin and Jack Conway, see it here. Matt demonstrates his business acumen, and watching Jack we can see it would be business as usual. Click here for a view to Jenean's character, background and superior views. Forward this eletter as you have opportunity!

We have learned that Planned Parenthood is currently making calls to urge people not to vote for Matt or Whitney Westerfield for Attorney General. Republican headquarters welcomes prolifers to help make calls for YOUR candidates. After doing all we can to help GET OUT THE VOTE, let's PRAY.

and furthermore...

When our current Governor, Treasurer and Attorney General have been asked to respond to the outcry that has arisen from the PP videos, and to report what our state currently donates to PP, they have refused to show any interest. Beshear has said he does not understand why people are so riled up; Todd Hollenback has refused to say how much funding PP gets, even stating that he does not have the authority to give this information; and Jack Conway has refused to respond to any inquiry. Tim Moore (Ky. House District 18) and some other Republican congresspeople are at work pre-filing legislation to address the Planned Parenthood issue for the 2016 Session.

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