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KRLA Bulletin

KRLA.ORG | 134 BRECKINRIDGE LANE, LOUISVILLE, KY 40207 | 502-895-5959 | NOVEMBER 15, 2014

How do the United Nations, Rebecca Jackson, the League of Women Voters, the Pope and Margie Montgomery ALL get into ONE Louisville Metro Council Meeting discussion?

Though it was “only” a Resolution, Louisville Metro has "sort of" adopted the women’s-equality standards of the U.N. and its CEDAW compliance committee. Prolifers need to stay informed on this.
Read more and find out how KRLA was involved here.

Louisville Metro Council

Friends of Life, Robin Engel and Stuart Benson (l and r) and at far right, Kevin Kramer, were among our staunch supporters. In the Vote tally shown, these men and Ken Fleming, Cindi Fowler, Kelly Downard, Glen Stuckel, Marilyn Parker, Dan Johnson, James Peden and David Yates, voted in favor of the Amended Resolution that removed any reference to CEDAW. Read more about the final tally on the KRLA Louisville subsite.

Et tu, N.J.?

The Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Bill has passed in New Jersey. Watch the video wrap up here.


Dr. Alveda King asks, "How can the Dream survive if we murder the children?"

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