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KRLA Bulletin

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We're talking GOTV!

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Get Out the Vote


Kentucky's Democrat-controlled House has prevented prolife bills from being voted on for TEN consecutive years. "2014 may well be an historic election year in Kentucky. For those who understand that the protection of innocent human lives and their mothers is of paramount importance and requires extraordinary efforts, the record is clear: many who claim to be pro-life are not pro-life when the choice is between unborn children and House leadership." more

THANK YOU! The Golf Outing held Oct. 20 was a tremendous help to The Right to Life Educational Foundation of Kentucky. We greatly appreciate each person who participated and contributed. THANK YOU again!


A person who is new to the prolife camp could question: Why do you worry about fetal pain during an abortion? Aren't we just against abortion? Why do we focus on fetal pain? This is a good question. more