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KRLA Bulletin

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Learn something new everyday.

All who attended the 2014 National Right to Life Convention learned so much! We will have resources to explore every day for many months to come. Please ping back to this eletter if you learned something you would like to share with others. We'll either put it on the KRLA website, or assist you to CHAT on the site so you can TELL it yourself.

THANK YOU, all volunteers, for your wonderful help!

Did you know... ?

Dr. David Prentice explained in his workshop that no human lives have been saved or bettered by embryonic stem cell therapies, and no mice have benefitted either! However, non-ES or adult stem cell research and treatments continue to surprise and thrill scientists and physicians. He let us know about a helpful website...

Do you have a friend who is ill? Has your friend tried various routes to no avail? Before everyone decides "It's hopeless"-- visit the website and search for the name of your friend's illness AND the search term, "adult stem cell."

For example, multiple myeloma AND adult stem cell. Or, sickle cell AND adult stem cell. Or, spinal cord injury AND adult stem cell.

Perhaps you will find some hope for your friend.

volunteers of nrlc convention

Be sure to ping back and tell us your best tips for prolifers to know and share!

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