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The Constitution's First Amendment guarantees we can peaceably assemble across the state this month to protest legalized abortion. In Louisville, join us at noon in front of the Jefferson County Courthouse, 600 W. Jefferson St., for a Pro-life Rally on FRIDAY, JANUARY 22, the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Decision. Be a voice for the voiceless.

KRLA Bulletin

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Ky Capitol

        Good news! The Informed Consent bill has passed the Kentucky Senate! The Legislative Session has kicked in and we're excited!
        Your KRLA staff plans to travel to Frankfort nearly each day the 2016 Legislature is in session. See the Regular Session Calendar here. We appreciate your prayers for our safe travel and effective negotiations.
        Please watch our website and social media posts for details on bills including the Pain Capable, Dismemberment and *NEW* Fetal Disposal legislative initiatives.

So, we thought there were "only" 58 million abortions since Roe v. Wade… ??

RU486The Pharmacists for Life can tell you that 58 million is a low figure. It's closer to 308 million. If you click on that story on their website you will be taken to their online store (under construction) where you can buy for a dollar various articles by those in the know about the numbers of meds and devices sold that end MILLIONS of newly created lives. You can use the Exceptions Calculator to figure the true number of abortions in the USA.

Did You Know

Pharmacists are the last checkpoint for patient safety with respect to the use of drugs. The function of pharmacists has been so rapid and seamless as to be hidden from the average person who fills a prescription. Patients who are under the care of more than one doctor, who have been treated for HIV, or cancer, or on complex drug regimens are more likely to understand the life saving services pharmacists provide along with drug dispensing. There is currently a pharmacist shortage which will be exacerbated by the trend to require pharmacists to dispense drugs which harm or kill humans, in violation of their sincerely held Conscience and principles, and in violation of the Hippocratic Oath. The elderly and the chronically ill people will pay a large  price for the effort to remove pharmacists' clinical authority which traditionally governed dispensing of medications. This is a health care tragedy. -from the PLFI website

        With the many assaults on life, we lose track of each effort to reverse them. We stand with the Pharmacists for Life (PFLI) who are working hard for LIFE. Did you know that some pharmacists in America have lost jobs over conscientious objection to RU486 and other pills and devices that cause abortions?

BREAKING NEWS— IVF: First genetically-modified human embryos 'could be created in Britain within weeks'...

Make plans now to enjoy a wonderful evening with Right To Life friends at the 2016 Annual Banquet! Mark your calendar for Friday evening, May 13, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Louisville. Want to sponsor a Basket? Contact us.

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