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A follow up to KRLA’s Dec. 1 e-letter that reported on the Nov. 29 Jefferson Co. Public Schools Board of Education meeting opposition to LSEN. PP is part of a “Comprehensive Sex Ed” program of JCPS schools.

JCPS welcomes nation's largest abortion provider

At the Dec. 13 meeting of the Board of Education, three speakers lauded the LSEN program. Click to hear their speeches at about 2:06:30.

Louisville Sex Ed Affiliates

One speaker referenced the Southern Poverty Law Center as a credible source, perhaps not knowing that the SPLC was discredited by the FBI some time ago, and even has labeled Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum as a Hate Group.

Let's review: What we KNOW about Planned Parenthood

»» PP is the nation’s largest abortion provider
»» PP dispenses the Morning After pill that has DANGEROUS side effects
»» The PP baby parts scandal has resulted in Congress urging criminal prosecution
»» PP sues pregnancy centers, people of faith, states and etc.
»» PP does not enforce safety standards for women getting abortions
»» PP has an inordinate number of clinics in minority neighborhoods
»» A founder of PP, Margaret Sanger, was a white supremacist

Knowing all these facts about PP, why would any parent or guardian permit their teen to be included in the program? Well, most don’t know the facts.

That is where you and we come in! We can share information to encourage PUSH BACK against PP in our schools.

Others are pushing back:In Iowa, Planned Parenthood comes in a multitude of forms and disguises. At first, it was Planned Parenthood. Then it became known as PP. After the release of the undercover videos showing the sale of baby body parts, it conveniently began hiding behind the acronym TPPI (Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative)...

Donna Hargens, Superintendent, (at about 32:00:00) stated that JCPS is not teaching abortion in the program. She noted the schools must address and implement health standards (none which mention sexual education). She noted that students and parents have the right to opt out of the program.

Given that it is optional, some may wonder why KRLA opposes this program. It is because we care about all students, not just those whose upbringing will or may assist them to avoid the painful results of sexual immorality resulting from exposure to concepts that are NOT in line with Judeo-Christian standards, nor with Islamic morality. Please watch the Stop CSE video explaining how PP influences the UN and schools across the globe.

We are offended by PP’s track record and we object to PP consorting with public school students. If you agree, express your concern about this program. You can find your district representative here. Write Donna Hargens, 3332 Newburg Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40218. Take time to educate yourself about the LSEN program. Refer to the KRLA's PDF for more background information.

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