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KRLA Bulletin

KRLA.ORG | 134 BRECKINRIDGE LANE, LOUISVILLE, KY 40207 | 502-895-5959 | AUGUST 15, 2016

Haste makes cruel waste; SB 4 may help

        Only one of six pro-life bills became law in 2016 when the Kentucky House voted to pass SB 4. It was the first pro-life bill to pass in over 11 years.
        The purpose of SB 4 was to shore up the Face-to-Face legislation passed in 1998 requiring a consultation 24 hours prior to an abortion. That law had morphed into a way for abortion clinics to provide a tape-recorded message on the phone--- which is CURRENTLY referenced on the (obviously not updated) EMW website under the "Kentucky Law" menu tab: 24 HOUR CONSENT (see image), though as reported in our last e-letter, SB 4 became law on July 15.

ky law?

        Considering the massive and mounting evidence of abortion's aftermath in the life of an aborted woman, RUSHING into an UNINFORMED, LIFE-ALTERING decision is UNFAIR to her and her preborn baby, and benefits only the clinic. This is why KRLA and other organizations lobbied so hard for SB 4. Learning about fetal development and potential health risks could save more than one life.
        The five senators who voted against SB 4 were Denise Harper Angel, Reginald Thomas, Gerald A. Neal, Perry B. Clark, and Morgan McGarvey, four from Louisville, and one from Lexington. No one is running against Thomas, Clark or Angel in November (discouraging!) Watch for our PAC Alert for candidate information and endorsements.
        Sen. Angel said SB 4 was “an annual assault on a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions,” adding that “politics does not belong in the examination room.”
        Sen. Thomas called the bill “another guilt trip that we want to impose on women in our society.”
        We would direct their attention to this resource.
        SB 4 was altered by the House prior to passage to include that "Face-to-Face" could be construed as a video presentation about the facts of fetal development. Grrrrrrr.


        On the website, you will find research and documentation that most abortions are coerced. Please also see: website pdf, Forced Abortion in America: A Special Report.

        Join the 40 Days for Life autumn campaign and sign up to pray in front of the EMW clinic, starting next month. Laura Grijalba, director, reports that one baby was saved because the pregnant lady who called EMW twice was afraid her mom's friends who pray there would see her!


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