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National Right to Life issues POTUS comparison to urge vote for Trump

Click for PDF that shows an extreme contrast between the Republican and Democratic candidates!
Article here.

KRLA Bulletin

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Did you know?

A ventilator can push air into a body, but after death, the air cannot come out. That is why prior to 1968 when a Harvard Medical School committee revised the definition of death, patients died on ventilators --- there was no controversy over the definition of death! Today the initiation or continuation of life support systems can be enforced on prospective organ donors who have elected not to have their lives prolonged by life support systems. It's confusing! More.

Living Will or Will-to-Live?

         Did you know the Living Will was introduced by the Euthanasia Society of America in 1967?
         In our increasingly violent society, our thoughts may turn to our own end-of-life moment. We know we need a Last Will and Testament to state who will own our possessions when we pass on. And we will need an advance healthcare directive. We're reminded of this each time we visit a surgical center or hospital, and often, even a doctor's office. "Do you have a Living Will?"
         Do you? If so, you may want to trash that and instead get and sign a Will-to-Live. Like the Living Will, the Will-to-Live names a healthcare agent who can speak for you if you become unable to, and clarifies what treatments you would want in extreme situations.
         So why is it preferable to a Living Will? The answer to that question is spelled out in the Will-to-Live document that you can download from National Right to Life. More information.
         There is much to learn in this special area of Right-to-Life concerns. Please contact us for more information.

Life Rally


Visit us at the Kentucky State Fair, August 18-28!

Join us to Walk for Life!

Meet at Trinity High School, 4011 Shelbyville Rd. | Sep 10 | 9 AM Registration | 10 AM Walk

Golf Outing

Shelbyville Country Club | October 17 | 8 AM Registration

Thank you for helping to pass pro-life legislation. On July 15, Senate Bill 4 (Face-to-Face bill) officially went into effect!

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