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Let’s Stop Local Louisville Government from funneling tax-payer funds to Planned Parenthood!

Louisville skyline

Louisville, you’re too beautiful to do something so ugly.

TOP 5 reasons to sign KRLA’s petition to stop tax dollars going to PP

  • 1. We can make a difference on the LOCAL level.
    • We're not saying that the Louisville Metro Council Mayor will immediately cancel PP funding, but as we persist in this goal, we will succeed. Our KRLA leaders have already worked toward this for many years. Government funding of PP has been halted in many communities by people like us! (Note regarding editing change on 8-18-15: We have not yet discovered when the change from Council to city government took place.)
    • GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS HAVE NO RIGHT TO GIVE OUR MONEY TO PP. Title X monies can go to community healthcare providers not associated with abortion, that offer sliding scale fees to women, and that have many neighborhood clinics, making it more convenient for women seeking help with female concerns.
  • 2. PP in Louisville furnishes the "morning after pill" that can cause death...
    • Though the Louisville PP clinic does not do abortions, it is part of a regional KY-IN office, and in Indiana, there are clinics that do abortions. The Louisville PP clinic refers for surgical abortions AND prescribes the "morning-after pill." Such pills are DANGEROUS to the health of the woman AND CAN CAUSE pre- and post-implantation abortions.
  • 3. You love teens, and want them to hear a different message...
    • than they will hear from PP—click if you dare:
      Nationally, PP is under investigation for coaching teens to engage in dangerous sexual activity (buy goods from an adult sex store, more), and for failure to report sexual abuse of a 13-year old girl by her stepfather.
  • 4. PP uses women and their prenatal children FOR PROFIT.
    • With a revenue of $1.3 billion (2013 figure) including over $500 million in TAXPAYER FUNDING and a net profit of $127 million in 2013-14, it's no wonder PP's president makes an annual salary well over a half-million dollars. Over 94% of PP's services to pregnant women are ABORTION. They are the nation's largest abortion provider, and do more abortions than every nation in the world except for two.
  • 5. The current "scandal" provokes the conscience in a new way and gives fresh impetus to everyone...
    • to take an unbiased look at PP. In other words, our efforts can have great effect at this time! Please read our recent Facebook posts and the information on our website welcome page for background about PP altering the abortion procedure to get baby body parts to fill orders as needed. These alterations are dangerous to the woman having the abortion.

Click to find out how much Louisville gives to PP!


We selected not to publish the names of those who sign our petition online. Since we are asking you to enter your address, we feel it is best not to make public your identity and location.

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