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Adult Stem Cell Research in Kentucky

After the disappointing 2015 Kentucky Legislative Session, it feels good to turn our attention to the wonderful research projects in Adult Stem Cell therapies taking place in our Old Kentucky Home. Watch for our wrap up on the Session in our next e-letter.

Adult stem cell

A clinical trial has been ongoing at the University of Kentucky for about two years, offering heart attack victims a chance for greatly improved cardiac function by a procedure that uses their own bone marrow stem cells— “Patients receive their own adult stem cells, so there is no risk of autoimmunity concerns.”

At the University of Louisville, a clinical trial for patients with severe refractory angina characterized by intense and chronic chest pain, has been underway since 2013. This trial also uses the patient's own stem cells. “Adult stem cell protocols possibly could become one of the greatest advancements in cardiac treatment in a generation,” according to Roberto Bolli, director of UofL’s Institute for Molecular Cardiology.

We can also take pride in Louisville's National Stem Cell Foundation whose mission is to "Fund, promote and support collaboration in the field of adult stem cell transplantation." Learn more here or on their Facebook page.

You can view an adult stem cell in action in a Wikimedia video (captured in the above picture). Help our future medical professionals find prolife resources! Learn more about "adult" (non-ES) stem cells on the KRLA website and StemCell Forum.


Wow! We were thrilled to receive 54 submissions to our Annual Essay Contest! Each essay was inspiring, and what a window to the intellect and passion of our high school youth each judge was privileged to behold. First, second and third place prizes were awarded in two categories, Freshman-Sophomore and Junior-Senior. Please visit our Student Essay Contest page to learn more about our winners and to read the essays!

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