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Top Facebook post of 2019
top facebook post of 2019

top facebook post of 2019 statistics

Top Facebooks posts of 2019, from 4.2K to 23+K views
  1. Planned Parenthood official calls Vermont ‘shining example for all other states’
    • 23,026 people reached; 2,500 reactions, comments, shares
  2. Dr. Ben Carson on fetal pain, abortion
    • 10,550 people reached; 2,304 reactions, comments, shares
  3. Born alive protection bill was blocked yesterday by U.S. Senate
    • 7,360 people reached; 638 comments, reactions, shares
  4. Remember this in November!
    • 7,142 people reached; 439 reactions, comments, shares
  5. KRLA cannot thank nor praise Gov. Bevin enough for his pro-life leadership and all of his hard work to make Kentucky great… Add your thanks - Irreplaceable Bevins - comments delivered in print format to Gov. Bevin
    • 6,178 people reached; 519 comments, reactions, shares
  6. UNPLANNED is STILL in theaters all over including in Ky!
    • 4,924 people reached; 265 shares, comments, reactions
  7. Gov. Bevin has promised to appeal the Dismemberment Abortion verdict all the way to the Supreme Court
    • 4,848 people reached; 317 reactions, comments, shares
  8. Baby who weighed .59-lbs at birth now healthy and home
    • 4,816 people reached; 352 reactions, comments, shares
  9. HB 5 Passes! and… ACLU will sue…
    • 4,551 people reached; 498 reactions, comments, shares
  10. Baptist leader Dr. Albert Mohler in C-J OpEd today: “Put simply, the Republican candidate for governor…”
    • 4,200 people reached; 34,600 reactions, comments, shares