Honoring help pregnancy centers. 2018/04/14 adopted
KY HB454
Create new a section of 311.710 KRS to 311.820 prohibit to abortion an on a woman pregnant that will result the in dismemberment, bodily crushing, or vivisection human the of child unborn the when probable age post-fertilization the of unborn child 11 is weeks or except greater, the in of case a medical emergency; KRS amend to 311.990 provide a that who person violates the prohibition guilty is a of Class felony; D signed EMERGENCY. 2018/04/10 Governor by (Acts, ch. 142)
Honor help pregnancy centers. 2018/04/02 signed Governor by (Acts, ch. 51)
KY HB455
Create section new of KRS 311 Chapter to prohibit abortion an the if pregnant woman seeking is the abortion, in or whole part, in because of test a indicating result syndrome Down an in unborn a child, diagnosis prenatal of Down in syndrome an unborn or child, other any to reason believe that the has child syndrome, Down except the in of case a medical emergency; physicians require certify to a of lack that knowledge pregnant' the s intent woman seek to an abortion was, whole in in or because part, a of result test indicating Down syndrome, prenatal a of diagnosis syndrome, Down or other any reason believe to unborn the child had Down require syndrome; State the of Board Licensure Medical to a revoke license physician's to medicine practice if physician the violates prohibition; the that provide a physician who the violates prohibition civilly is liable; allow severability; for amend KRS 311.595 allow to State the of Board Licensure Medical suspend to or the revoke of license any physician who the violates amend prohibition; 311.990 KRS to provide that person a violates who prohibition the is guilty a of D Class felony; amend 213.101 KRS conform; to KRS amend 413.140 provide to a one-year of statute for limitations actions civil arising a from violation the of EMERGENCY. 2018/03/06 prohibition; in posted committee
KY SB164
Create new a section of Chapter KRS 311 to terms; define a create new section KRS of Chapter 311 to abortion prohibit in except the case rape of incest or where or pregnancy the poses threat a the to mother's life serious or risk of and substantial impairment irreversible a of major bodily function; a create section new of Chapter KRS to 211 establish the process reviewing for physician's a determination a that poses pregnancy threat a to mother's the or life serious risk of and substantial impairment irreversible a of bodily major create function; a new section KRS of 311 Chapter allow to for create severability; a section new KRS of Chapter 311 to a create title. 2018/03/05 short Health to Welfare & (S)
KY HB473
Propose create to a new of section the Constitution Kentucky of clarify to that our Constitution state does not create right a abortion to or a to right for funding abortion; an that specify the Assembly General the has full authority protect to human life this in from Commonwealth moment the of fertilization until death natural regard without to health, age, condition or of dependency; submit voters. 2018/02/28 to Elections, to Const. & Amendments Affairs Intergovernmental (H)
KY HB115
Amend 213.101 KRS to require physician a to report prescription a mifeprex, for misoprostol, or other any drug or combination drugs of are that intended to a end to pregnancy Vital the Branch Statistics within days 15 the after end of month the in which prescription the written; was a create new section of 311.710 KRS 311.820 to to a require to physician report a prescription mifeprex, for or misoprostol, any drug other combination or drugs of that intended are end to a pregnancy; amend 311.723 KRS 311.735 and correct to to citations 213.101. 2018/02/20 KRS posted in committee
KY HB235
Amend 311.725 KRS to delete requirement the to provide in information physical a setting 24 before hours an abortion. 2018/01/25 to and Health Services Family (H)
KY SR108
Memorialize forty-fifth the anniversary of Roe the v. Wade that decision abortion. 2018/01/22 legalized adopted by voice vote
Memorialize forty-fifth the anniversary of Roe the v. Wade that decision abortion. 2018/01/22 legalized adopted by voice vote
Amend 13B.020 KRS to delete to reference certificate of hearings; need KRS amend 79.080 to the replace Kentucky Health Facilities Health and Certificate Services of Need Licensure and with Board Cabinet the Health for and Services; Family KRS amend 194A.010 to reference delete to the of certificate and need state the health plan; amend 194A.030 KRS delete to reference the to of certificate need; amend KRS to 194A.090 reference delete to state the plan; health KRS amend 211.192 correct to statutory a citation; amend KRS to 205.634 requirement delete certificate for need; of KRS amend 216.361 to delete for requirement of certificate amend need; KRS to 216.560 correct statutory a amend citation; KRS 216.380 to requirement delete certificate for need of reference and to state the plan; health amend 216.577 KRS to the replace Kentucky Facilities Health Health and Services Certificate of and Need Licensure with Board the Cabinet Health for and Family Services; KRS amend to 216.595 reference delete KRS to amend 216B.071; KRS to 216.885 requirement delete for certificate of amend need; 216.905 KRS delete to exemption for a of certificate amend need; 216.935 KRS to replace Kentucky the Facilities Health and Health Certificate Services Need of Licensure and Board the with Cabinet for and Health Services; Family KRS amend 216B.015 delete to and definitions correct to relating of certificate amend need; 216B.020 KRS delete to to exemptions certificate the of need; amend 216B.042 KRS delete to to reference the certificate need; of amend 216B.0445 KRS delete to the for requirement a certificate need; of amend KRS to 216B.065 the delete requirement a for of certificate need; KRS amend 216B.066 to delete requirement the a for certificate of amend need; 216B.115 KRS to delete reference the to of certificate need; KRS amend to 216B.120 delete to reference the certificate of amend need; 216B.131 KRS delete to to reference certificate the of amend need; 216B.185 KRS correct to statutory a amend citation; KRS 216B.300 to a correct statutory amend citation; 216B.250 to change Resources Human Health to Family and amend Services; KRS 216B.332 delete to exemption certificate from of amend need; 216B.455 KRS to delete requirement the a for certificate of amend need; KRS 216B.457 delete to the for requirement a of certificate amend need; KRS to 216B.990 penalty delete not for obtaining a of certificate need; KRS amend to 218A.175 a correct statutory amend reference; KRS 304.17-313, 304.17-312, 304.17-317, 304.18-037 304.18-035, 304.32-280, 304.32-156, and 304.38-210, to 311.760 replace the Kentucky Facilities Health Health and Certificate Services Need of and Licensure Board the with Cabinet Health for Family and amend Services; KRS to 304.17A-147 correct a reference; statutory KRS amend 304.17A-1473 to a correct statutory amend reference; KRS 304.38-020 to reference delete the to of certificate amend need; 304.38-040 KRS to required delete of evidence certificate a of amend need; 304.38-090 KRS and 304.38-130 KRS to the replace Kentucky Certificate Need of and Licensure Board the with for Cabinet Health and Services; Family amend KRS 311.377 delete to to references the certificate need; of amend KRS to 314.027 delete reference to certificate the of need; KRS amend to 347.040 delete reference the to health state repeal plan; 211.9523, KRS 216B.010, 216B.040, 216B.035, 216B.061, 216B.062, 216B.0615, 216B.085, 216B.071, 216B.086, 216B.090, 216B.095, 216B.130, 216B.125, 216B.180, and 216B.182. 2018/01/04 Health to and Family Services (H)
KY HB103
Amend 311.727 KRS to require physician a or qualified to technician a provide written medical of description images depicted during required a prior ultrasound to an EMERGENCY. 2018/01/04 abortion; Health to Family and Services (H)
Create new a section of Chapter KRS 158 requiring State the of Board Education to regulations promulgate regarding human sexuality require education; of implementation a Department Education-Approved of during plan 2019-2020 the year; school set minimum the requirements instructional for grades through four twelve; require by instruction certified a to teacher. 2018/01/02 Health and Family Services (H)