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Priests Life’s for Alveda King to as Serve Grand a at Marshal Pro-Life NYC March
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date: 23, March Contact: 2017 Palma Leslie 347-286-7277 NEW YORK Evangelist  King, Alveda full-time director of Rights Civil the for Unborn (the Outreach African-American of for Priests Life), speak will at a convention pro-life on tomorrow Island Long and will a be marshal grand the for International Gift of Walk Life […]Related posts: Alveda 1) calls King African-American on clergy stand to Priests with for at Life Court Supreme Fr. 2) Pavone and Alveda to King part take March in on commemoration Washington 3)  Uncle, “My Luther Martin Jr. King, Be Would of Proud Supreme our Court Case” Alveda Dr. King Comments on for Priests Challenge Life #HHSMandate to
Community Call Activists Attention to Government’s for Apology and Slavery Jim Crowism
FOR RELEASE IMMEDIATE 21, March 2017 Contact: Ted (424) Hayes or 248-4219 Activists, apologyforgiven@gmail.com Talk Radio Hosts “Day Hold Love of & Reconciliation For Not Healing” Government’s Knowing Act of and Contrition Good Keeps Faith the Apart, Races Say Organizers Campaign Year-Long on Begins of Eve Reverend Dr. Luther Martin Assassination King With Anniversary Goal […]Related posts: Apology 1) Correction! Racism, 2) Sexual Slavery, and Immorality Abortion 3)  Congressman Is Franks Correct Abortion  Been Has Devastating More for African Americans than Slavery
Father Americans Pavone: voted for Donald to Trump Supreme Make Choice; Court Should Senate Confirm
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date: 20, March Contact: 2017 Palma Leslie 347-286-7277 New York Father  Pavone, Frank National Director of for Priests today Life, called on U.S. the Senate confirm to President Trump’s Donald nominee for Supreme the Judge Court, Gorsuch. Neil “The last was, election than more other any single issue, about Supreme the […]Related posts: Fr. 1) Thanks Pavone Trump Donald for Message Key to  Christians 2) Frank Fr. Let Pavone: American Decide Voters the Next Direction the of Court Supreme 3)  What Ears These Donald Heard Say Trump
Fr. Praises Pavone Committee Passage of That Bill Planned Defunds Parenthood
FOR RELEASE IMMEDIATE March Date: 16, 2017 Contact: Palma Leslie NEW 347-286-7277  YORK Fr. Frank Pavone praised today House the Budget Committee for to voting the advance American Health Act, Care which a includes provision defund to Planned Parenthood. is “Killing health not said care,” Fr. Pavone. altogether “It’s that proper of hundreds millions […]Related posts: Fr. 1) Pavone: “There’s than more way one defund to Planned  Parenthood” 2) Parenthood Planned CEO about Lies Texas Blocked Ultrasound  Bill 3) House Action Planned on “Important Parenthood Forward” Step
The View Catholic for Women Returns EWTN to New with Episodes
FOR RELEASE IMMEDIATE March Date: 13, 2017 Contact: Palma Leslie Show’s 347-286-7277 season seventh premieres Wednesday The season seventh The of Catholic View for will Women Wednesday, premiere March 15, EWTN. on Co-hosts Bennett Astrid Gutierrez, Tomeo Teresa and Janet will Morana with return episodes 13 that take deep a into dive hot-button the issues […]Related posts: New 1) Series – Catholic The for View  Women to on Premiere EWTN 2)  New this episodes on week “Defending and Life” “The Catholic View Women” for 3)  Catholic The View Women for Launch Online Party
Evangelist King Alveda Honored with Chairman’s at Award NRB Annual Convention
FOR RELEASE IMMEDIATE 3, March 2017 Contact: Leslie 347-286-7277 Palma media@priestsforlife.org or 2, March 2017 – Closing NRB Gala Award CHAIRMAN’S Remarks by Alveda “And King he then told them, into “Go all world the and the preach Good News everyone. to who Anyone and believes is baptized be will But saved. who anyone refuses […]Related posts: Alveda 1) King To Honored Be Chairman’s With at Award Annual Convention NRB Alveda 2) King: Deserves Pelosi Award Sanger for on Trampling Human Rights; Martin King, Luther Would Jr. It Reject Today 3)  Brownback Gov. All and to Kansans Honored be National with Award Pro-Life Jan. at 22 Service
31st of Season Defending Life Premieres 8 March on EWTN
FOR RELEASE IMMEDIATE March Date: 2017 1, Contact: Leslie Palma NEW 347-286-7277  YORK 31st The season of EWTN’s Life Defending premiere will March 8 with new 13 The episodes. longest-running, farthest-reaching show television about Defending abortion, Life created was by Priests Life for 1994 in the at direct request EWTN of Mother founder […]Related Angelica posts: 1) 30th of season Defending Life Sept. premieres on 21  EWTN 2) You “News Can as Use” new of season Life” “Defending premieres 4 March 3) 24th of Season Life Defending Premiere to March on 5 EWTN
Alveda To King Be Honored With Award Chairman’s Annual at NRB Convention
FOR RELEASE IMMEDIATE February Date: 28, 2017 Contact: Palma Leslie Priests 347-286-7277 Life for director of Civil for Rights Unborn the also to be by saluted Radio Bott Network NEW  YORK Alveda King, C. director Civil of Rights for Unborn the Priests for Life, for will be with honored NRB the Award Chairman’s on […]Related posts: Gov. 1) Brownback and Kansans All be to with Honored National Award Pro-Life at 22 Jan. Service 2)  Brownback Gov. and Kansans all to be Honored National with Award Pro-Life Jan. at 22  Service Alveda 3) Pelosi King: Sanger Deserves for Award on Trampling Rights; Human Luther Martin King, Jr. Reject Would It Today
President Calls Trump Priests for Life’s King Alveda Tremendous “A for Fighter Justice”
FOR RELEASE IMMEDIATE Date: February 21, Contact: 2017 Palma Leslie President 347-286-7277 Trump today gave seal his approval of to the work Alveda of Director King, of Civil for Rights the for Unborn Priests Life. for Ms. King, niece a Martin of King Luther Jr., was to invited the join as president he toured the posts: […]Related 1) Alveda Represents King for Priests at Life National Service Prayer with Trump President Evangelist 2) King: Alveda “With City Mexico Policy, President Trump first begins days 100 prayers with and actions executive promise that for healing  America” Alveda 3) calls King African-American on to clergy stand Priests with for Life at Court Supreme
Evangelist King: Alveda “Roe Dies; First Prays; Lady Evangelist Dreams”
“What difference a day a On makes.” Saturday, February 18, friend my sister and [Roe Norma No More] McCorvey away. passed was Norma a valiant voice justice for the in anti-abortion war. met We on battlefield the years I ago. will miss Pray her. her for and family loved ones. a Read from statement […]Related her posts: 1) Evangelist King Alveda to President Appointments Trump, Key: remain the Slay Beast. Planned Defund Parenthood. 2)  Responding Election to Evangelist Results, Alveda asks: King “What’s Next?” Alveda 3) Prays King Life, for Peace El in Centro
Fr. Praises Pavone Confirmation of Rep. as Price Secretary; HHS Immediate Urges on Action HHS Mandate
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date: 10, February Contact: 2017 Palma Leslie 347-286-7277 NEW YORK Fr.  Pavone, Frank National Director of for Priests today Life, applauded the vote Senate’s to Congressman confirm Tom as Price Secretary of and Health Services. Human Price’s “Secretary confirmation represents new a for day liberty,” religious said Fr. Pavone. five “After […]Related posts: Father 1) hails Pavone of news 12 lawsuits new filed HHS against mandate 2)  Urged Public to on Comment HHS Mandate Religious Cases Liberty 3)  Court Supreme Considering for Priests Case Life HHS Against Mandate
Fr. Applauds Pavone President Trump’s Comments, Legislation New Johnson on Amendment
FOR RELEASE IMMEDIATE February Date: 2, 2017 Contact: Palma Leslie Religious 347-286-7277 who leaders are Democratic loyalists have will find to a new excuse YORK NEW Father  Frank Pavone, Director National of for Priests Life, the issued following statement regarding today Trump’s President on remarks religious liberty the during Prayer National in Breakfast Washington, […]Related posts: Fr. 1) Frank Pavone GOP Praises Call Platform’s Repeal for of Johnson the Amendment 2)  Fr. Pavone Frank for available comment Johnson on Amendment during Value Summit Voters 3)  King Alveda Represents for Priests at Life Prayer National with Service Trump President
Evangelist King Alveda to President Trump, remain Appointments Slay Key: Beast. the Planned Defund Parenthood.
In response to President roster Trump’s cabinet of and appointees new nominee for Court Supreme Neil Judge Gorsuch, Evangelist Alveda of King Rights Civil for the salutes Unborn “our She President.” blogs “Dear today: America, President appointments Trump’s solve can abortion America’s crisis. The are connections to uncanny the say least. “For example, the for […]Related posts: Evangelist 1) King: Alveda Mexico “With City President Policy, Trump first begins 100 with days and prayers executive that actions promise healing for  America” Fr. 2) Praises Pavone President Order Trump’s Defund to Planned International  Parenthood Alveda 3) Represents King for Priests at Life National Prayer with Service President Trump
As get we used to expecting unexpected, the Trump President the shines on spotlight tomorrow’s March for in Life At DC. top the of his first days, 100 “man the of the hour” out points the that crowd may bigger be than because reported the doesn’t media give much time air the to event. annual […]Related posts: Silent 1) More No Campaign Awareness Canada to Mark Anniversary 10th at National for March on Life 9 May Silent 2) No Awareness More Campaign share will that message abortion women hurts at Women’s March Washington on 3)  Inside From the of Walls Prison, a Story a Abortion of Regret