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Remembering Sr. Prisca

Sister Mary Prisca Pfeffer, R.S.M., friend of Life, passes

February 15, 1916 – August 12, 2015

Cathie YoungMargie M. with Sr. Prisca during a visit in August 2015

Sister Mary Prisca Pfeffer, R.S.M., who passed to her eternal reward, August 12, 2015, was a truly exceptional woman in many respects. One of the earliest members of Right to Life of Louisville, she also served as its secretary for many decades.

As a teacher, she realized early in the 1970’s that students needed to be educated on the issues of abortion and euthanasia so that respect for all human life would be emphasized. In those years, Sister Prisca was principal of Mercy Academy. Right to Life speakers, both national and local, were invited there frequently by her and her colleague, Sister Mary Imelda Lee, R.S.M., who was also a RTL of Louisville Board member, and has been deceased for several years.

Sister Prisca’s history of attending pro-life prayer services, meetings, walks, marches, conventions, seminars, bus trips to Washington D.C., and praying and picketing at abortion mills, during the last 40 years is remarkable. She has been an outstanding fundraiser for the pro-life causes, such as our annual Walk for Life.

In 1997 Sister Prisca received the prestigious Humanitarian of the Year Award presented by the Right to Life of Louisville. Sister received the 2001 Red Rose–-White Rose Award presented by the Kentucky Right to Life Association.

As a Sister of Mercy for 81 years, she was a well-known teacher and principal at Mercy Academy, and was founding principal of Assumption High School. In November 2014, Sister Prisca received the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice Cross, the highest award of the Roman Catholic Church for her distinguished and lifelong service to the Church.

We will miss her deep respect for human life at all stages, her wise advice in so many matters, and her joy of living a blessed life for 99 years.

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