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Bravo, Margaret Lyon!

Recently, a friend of Life, Margaret Lyon, wanted to express her opinion about the failure of the Ky. State Health and Welfare Committee in the recent Legislative Session to move our prolife bills to the floor for a vote. She wrote a letter to the editor of the Courier-Journal, but it was also important to her to show photographs of a developing fetus and a baby. "A picture is worth a thousand words."

The C-J Letters to the Editor section does not permit photos, so Margaret made a decision to submit her letter with her photos as an advertisement. Some may not realize what an expense this was! We do, because we are familiar with the C-J's rate card. Our special THANKS and admiration is extended to Margaret for her devotion to Life.

True devotion may be expressed in many ways. It is inspiring to learn of a real-life example. Below is her Letter/ad that was published in the C-J in April.

Courier-Journal Letter-Ad of Margaret Lyon


April 20, 2014

"Point of View"

In the April 9 edition of The Courier-Journal, in Representative Tom Burch's reply about the failure of the bills regarding abortion to pass in the Health and Welfare Committee, there were only two sentences about the actual bill, and there were several pro-life bills being presented. These bills would have helped girls to make an informed decision about abortion.

Similar bills have been submitted for several years and have been placed in the 16 member Health and Welfare Committee with Chairman Tom Burch. It's apparent to me that the Democrats in House Leadership have appointed the majority to the Health and Welfare Committee and each year they have been successful in keeping the pro-life bills from going to the House floor for a vote. This year, if the House has been given the opportunity to vote, there were sufficient votes on the floor to allow the bills to become law.

The intent of the Informed Consent Bill is for the woman considering an abortion to have a face-to-face meeting with a trained counselor. The purpose of such meeting is to discuss the development of her unborn child, options that are available, and resources to help her. At the present time counseling is permitted over the phone, often by recorded message.

Abortion in Kentucky is a multi-million dollar business. The abortion clinics in Louisville and Lexington (which are run by the same people) charge from $600 to $2,000 for an abortion and $200 for an ultrasound. In 2013, 3,435 went into the clinic in Louisville and about 2,000 in Lexington.

Sadly enough, 27 agencies are listed in the phone book to help with adoptions.

We pray and try to pass out leaflets at the abortion clinic at 2nd and Market Streets. The leaflets show the development of the baby, dangers of abortion, and a list of places that give assistance in Kentucky. There are at least two places that will provide a home for pregnant girls to stay until they have their babies.

It is important that everyone knows who their senator and house representative is and his/her position on life issues.

Call 1-800-372-7181 in Frankfort to get the name of your representatives.

The people of Kentucky have the right to know what's going on!

Margaret Lyon

P.S. Several Christian churches support counseling service and have free ultrasound. It's next to the abortion clinic at 2nd and Market Sts.

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