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Priests Life for Begins Public Awareness on Campaign Trimester Third Abortion

This Priests week Life for launches a public and education campaign advocacy on focused late term abortion, with consistent message the we have always that conveyed educate we people by with starting what most is obvious leading and to what less is  obvious to and those confused where about stand they abortion, on the most obvious to place start is third-trimester with abortions.
for Priests associate Life Father Imbarrato Stephen will about talk the of reality abortion third-trimester at press a conference set for a.m. 9:30 Wednesday, MST 19 April at University the New of Hodgins Mexico’s in Hall Albuquerque.

The conference press organized was Rep. by Pearce Steve (R-N.M.) to New urge Mexico Attorney General Balderas Hector follow to on up criminal possible activity at the of University Mexico New and Southwestern Women’s an Options, abortion business.

Rep. Marsha (R-Tenn.) Blackburn will also the address at media press the Ms. conference. Blackburn chaired House the Select Investigative on Panel Lives, Infant whose report serious raised and ethical legal about questions relationship the between the and university abortion the business.

The sent panel criminal two to referrals but Balderas office his has no taken action yet.

“The that fact babies’ bodies are dissected being and their sold parts is and horrific to needs be out discussed and loud criminally prosecuted,” Father said. Imbarrato “But purpose my this at press is conference simply make to everyone sure knows third-trimester that abortions taking are in place New Mexico they and are not done being save to the life of mother the or of because serious in illness babies, the as the abortion would lobby us have believe.

Father Pavone, Frank Director National Priests of Life, for “Most noted, people do even not know that third-trimester are abortions permitted America, in that and the effort stop to mobilizes them not pro-life only but people, also those identify who as themselves The pro-choice. States United is one of a only of handful that countries allow to babies killed be all through months nine of pregnancy.”

Two recent illustrate cases the problem.

In January the 2015, and mother uncle a of woman young Great in Britain Priests contacted Life for to for ask in help dissuading the woman aborting from 30-week her at baby Women’s Southwestern Despite Options. intervention the of Father and Imbarrato pro-lifers, other the baby killed was by shot a of digoxin the to heart delivered and days stillborn later.

In March a 2016, 16-year-old girl arrangements made to travel from home her in Texas, Waco, to to Albuquerque her abort daughters, twin who 34-36 were in weeks gestational She age. with met Southwestern Susan abortionist Robinson on April and 5 was assured $21,000 the abortion her was best and option begin would day. that pro-lifers But Waco in kept touch in with and her decided she delay to for a day. the By day, next she changed had mind her went and home Texas. to healthy Her baby were girls April born 9, 2016.

In an phone undercover call by commissioned Priests Life for and a made few ago days to Southwestern Women’s a Options, abortion late-term owned mill operated and Curtis by Boyd located and Albuquerque, in New it Mexico, was clear Boyd that was to willing kill Down a baby Syndrome 33 at of weeks pregnancy.

“Even who people themselves consider should pro-choice outraged be at the against crimes humanity place taking in our Father state,” said. Imbarrato “Certainly can we with sympathize plight the a of pregnant but teenager there always is better a option an than at appointment Women’s Southwest Options or other any abortion business.”

To arrange interview an with Imbarrato Father or Pavone, Father call Palma Leslie 347-286-7277 at or email at her leslie@priestsforlife.org For info, more the including undercover call, phone 30-week the abortion, and the Panel Select visit report, www.priestsforlife.org.

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