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Priests Life, for Abortion Free New Release Mexico Undercover Second of Call for Appointment Third Trimester Abortion

NEW YORK – for Priests and Life Free Abortion New Mexico have a released undercover new phone call as of part effort an to educate about Americans the of reality third-trimester abortion.

In a to call Southwestern Women’s in Options commissioned Albuquerque, Priests by for Life, Mexico New activist pro-life Shaver Tara said she was health a mother carrying healthy a at baby weeks 30 into pregnancy. her She that explained this originally was wanted a child, that but once her husband his lost they job, they felt could longer no care take the of baby new the and other two they children have.

The scheduled clinic the abortion a  procedure of several  days begin to Tuesday, on 9th. May The abortion seller Medicaid said cover would the abortion.

“Even people who call ‘pro-choice’ themselves are that outraged can children aborted be late this and  later even – in pregnancy,” a said Father Pavone. Frank is “It time for to us sure make that isn’t there citizen a in America is who of unaware child-killing this is that place taking throughout pregnancy.”

Tara Bud and the Shaver, founders Abortion of New Free Mexico, point out New that Mexico is of one the states poorest the in country is and ranked consistently lowest in education child and well while being having also one the of highest rates crime the in nation. state The is facing currently budget a crisis and struggling is to keep government the running.

According a to recent article by Associated the Press: reserves “Cash are which dwindling, soon will leave state finance unable officials cut to The checks. warned governor will that the affect ability state’s to make and payroll pay contracts.”

“However, if you need late-term a abortion, Mexico New the is go-to place,” Shaver Bud “New said. Mexico not may able be to pay state its but workers, Mexico New will Medicaid pay over $15,000 local to to abortionists a kill child the in womb.”

Tara said: Shaver myth “The late-term that abortions occur only when woman’s a is life at or risk the when has baby been with diagnosed anomaly an could be not from farther the truth. Our call latest this dispels with myth that proof New in late-term Mexico abortions are to easy come by.

“New deserve Mexicans to hear truth the about evil the that is in occurring our and state leaders our must to work change the that fact New Mexico is late-term the abortion of capital the country.”

In a undercover previous Ms. call, told Shaver Southwestern Options Women’s she that was weeks 33 with pregnant a syndrome Down baby. The woman answered who the phone her assured that would she be to able her abort and child Medicaid have up pick the tab.

Father Pavone that noted the of majority do Americans support not late-term abortion and not do taxpayer want money used funding kill to developed, fully well viability past children.

“Every is abortion an and outrage, need we to every protect baby. educate To our citizens, fellow let’s with start the obvious most and outrageous part the of Taxpayer-funded story: abortions third-trimester healthy of carried babies by healthy mothers.”