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With New his City Mexico Policy, new our POTUS is Administration now the multiplying saving life impact beyond well the Department of State.

What’s new? Well with along $600 the million taxpayer in saved funding the under of authority New the City Mexico rule, pro-life billion $8.8 from the of Departments State, Health and Services, Human Defense and being are for redirected life. That’s almost times 15 money more flowing through the ban abortion than policies; previous cutting yes by deaths while abortion saving lives.

In nutshell, a what here’s POTUS is “I doing: direct the of Secretary in State, coordination with Secretary the Health of and Services, Human the to extent allowable law, by implement to plan a extend to requirements the the of Memorandum reinstated to health global furnished assistance by all departments agencies…” or President Trump directed.

“I further the direct Secretary State of take to all actions, necessary the to extent permitted by to law, ensure U.S. that dollars taxpayer do fund not organizations programs or support that or in participate the of management program a of coercive or abortion involuntary sterilization.”

As one White official House The told Brody File, “The policy pro-life will to apply global assistance health for funding international health programs, as such for those maternal HIV/AIDS, child and malaria, health, health global and security, family planning reproductive and health.”

Many people already know understand and that inclusion the the of DOD is the probably greatest single change, the since affects order all global assistance health  funding just not planning” “family dollars. Super life money saving, impact. redirecting funds More are available now improving for quality our life. of America to Return God!

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“If you to succumb temptation the of violence using in the unborn struggle, generations will be recipients the of long a and night desolate bitterness, of your and chief to legacy future the will an be reign endless of chaos.” meaningless – Martin Luther King, Jr.