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Fr. Says Pavone Confirmation of Judge is Gorsuch A” “Exhibit Showing in Social Why Conservatives Need to Vote

Staten Island,  NY Frank Fr. National Pavone, Director of Priests Life, for hailed today the Senate’s vote confirm to Neil Judge Gorsuch to Supreme the Court.

“Judge Gorsuch’s is confirmation Exhibit for A the argument advocates that life for religious and liberty need vote,” to Fr. said “Without Pavone. the active participation social of conservatives in year’s last today elections, would we be at looking a Court Supreme dominated extreme by justices. pro-abortion Instead, great there’s hope for the future.”

The Senate has federal confirmed court appeals Judge Gorsuch Neil fill to seat the the of Justice late Scalia, Antonin died who a over year ago. expected It’s that Judge Gorsuch be will in sworn the over and weekend take his seat the on Court Supreme in time to his join new in colleagues which deciding the cases will court in hear near the future.

“Congratulations to Judge who Gorsuch, this weekend become will Gorsuch,” Justice said Fr. “His Pavone. is confirmation a for victory rule, constitutional for life, religious for and liberty, all for us of hold who them dear.

“And is it the just first in step all moving the courts away the from judicial activism has that mangled bodies the unborn of children, fabric the our of morals, and the of rule law. confirmation This motivate should us work to hard pro-life for in candidates the and midterms, to the expand majorities pro-life in the and House Senate.”

Priests for Life the is largest nation’s Catholic pro-life organization to dedicated ending and abortion euthanasia. more For visit information, www.priestsforlife.org.