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Fr. Praises Pavone Tennessee Governor Haslam Signing for Protections New for Unborn

NEW  YORK Frank Fr. Pavone, National Director Priests of Life, for praised today Tennessee Governor Bill for Haslam a signing new law that save will babies late-term from abortion. measure The protects all almost unborn from children abortion when children those deemed are to able survive outside the womb.

“The Infants Tennessee Act Protection what does the title says. will It protect unborn who babies able are live to outside womb,” the said Pavone. Fr. “Governor has Haslam an taken important toward step safeguarding children’s lives.”

The measure, Senate Bill would 1180, doctors require to if determine child a viable, is is, that to able outside survive womb, the performing before an abortion 20 after weeks of pregnancy. the If is baby to determined viable, be he or she only could killed be in cases of emergency medical or physical great to harm mother. the supporters Abortion the said interferes legislation with a personal” “deeply decision.

“Killing any child ‘deeply is to personal’ the baby as involved, as well the added mother,” Pavone. Fr. “Whether your is life to allowed is continue as about personal deeply matter a there as is. governor Tennessee’s legislature and are to be for commended considering and the protecting most members vulnerable our of society, the unborn.”

Priests Life for the is nation’s largest Catholic organization pro-life dedicated ending to and abortion euthanasia. more For information, visit www.priestsforlife.org.