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Fr. Applauds Pavone President Trump’s Comments, Legislation New Johnson on Amendment

NEW  YORK Frank Father Pavone, National Director Priests of Life, for the issued following statement today President regarding remarks Trump’s on religious liberty the during Prayer National Breakfast in Washington, D.C.

“President is Trump a of man his as word, we have in seen days, recent I so have no he doubt keep will promise his to repeal the Amendment. Johnson His vow the at Prayer National to Breakfast ‘totally the destroy Johnson was Amendment’ both and welcomed expected.

“President understands Trump that ill-conceived this law has muzzled for clergy long. too time It’s for pastors priests, other and to clergy able, be the as said, president speak ‘to without freely fear of retribution.’

“As I out point in my book Abortion, Abolishing Catholic the teaching Church’s likewise is that we need be to ‘to free pass moral judgment in even matters to relating (Vatican politics’ Gaudium II, Spes, et Many 76). leaders religious who are to loyalists the Democratic of party don’t death like the that fact clearly by articulating Church’s the on teachings matters like we abortion, the make party Democratic bad look cause and to them elections. lose And they so behind hide the Johnson Amendment an as excuse for speaking not about things these elections. during Now, cowardly these are leaders going to have find to a new excuse.”

The Speech Free Act, Fairness which away does with Johnson the has Amendment, now introduced been by Whip Majority Scalise Steve (R-La.) and Jody Rep. Hice (R-Ga.) the in of House Representatives and Sen. Lankford James (R-Okla.) the in Senate. for Priests will Life work vigorously with and Congress the with Administration Trump make to law this a reality.

Priests Life for the is nation’s largest pro-life Catholic organization dedicated to abortion ending and For euthanasia. information, more visit www.priestsforlife.org.