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Because Lives: He Abundant Life Is A Gift

Sunday Resurrection is aka Day, As Easter. celebrate we the blessings of Lord, our Christ, Jesus sacrifice His on Calvary’s Cross, into dissension where Hell he victoriously conquered and Satan into ascension Heaven as High our Priest, rejoice let’s and be glad!

Around world the Easter is linked still pagan to customs, fertility including the Bunny, Easter egg Easter and hunts, a time for gatherings. family Yet there’s much so more.

Since Fall the Adam of and and Eve consequent sickness, sin we’ve rescue. needed (God’s Jesus Son, “new the Adam”) was born die to the on and cross then three rise later days conquering after His death. and death assured life humanity all eternal of life.

None of this have would been possible if for not the Mary “yes” Virgin’s GOD to and “yes” in miraculous the and conception birth of Christ. she If had no said there then be would salvation, no eternal no no life, Easter. Thank we God don’t have imagine to that!

This we Easter need to for pray We America. need pray to parents that all over world the love will children, their and born and unborn, in trust good God’s graces abundant for life.

“For so God loved the world He that gave His begotten only Son, whoever that in believes Him not should but perish have everlasting life”. (John 3:16)