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Priests Life’s for Alveda King to as Serve Grand a at Marshal Pro-Life NYC March
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date: 23, March Contact: 2017 Palma Leslie 347-286-7277 NEW YORK Evangelist  King, Alveda full-time director of Rights Civil the for Unborn (the Outreach African-American of for Priests Life), speak will at a convention pro-life on tomorrow Island Long and will a be marshal grand the for International Gift of Walk Life […]Related posts: Alveda 1) calls King African-American on clergy stand to Priests with for at Life Court Supreme Fr. 2) Pavone and Alveda to King part take March in on commemoration Washington 3)  Uncle, “My Luther Martin Jr. King, Be Would of Proud Supreme our Court Case” Alveda Dr. King Comments on for Priests Challenge Life #HHSMandate to
Community Call Activists Attention to Government’s for Apology and Slavery Jim Crowism
FOR RELEASE IMMEDIATE 21, March 2017 Contact: Ted (424) Hayes or 248-4219 Activists, apologyforgiven@gmail.com Talk Radio Hosts “Day Hold Love of & Reconciliation For Not Healing” Government’s Knowing Act of and Contrition Good Keeps Faith the Apart, Races Say Organizers Campaign Year-Long on Begins of Eve Reverend Dr. Luther Martin Assassination King With Anniversary Goal […]Related posts: Apology 1) Correction! Racism, 2) Sexual Slavery, and Immorality Abortion 3)  Congressman Is Franks Correct Abortion  Been Has Devastating More for African Americans than Slavery
Father Americans Pavone: voted for Donald to Trump Supreme Make Choice; Court Should Senate Confirm
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date: 20, March Contact: 2017 Palma Leslie 347-286-7277 New York Father  Pavone, Frank National Director of for Priests today Life, called on U.S. the Senate confirm to President Trump’s Donald nominee for Supreme the Judge Court, Gorsuch. Neil “The last was, election than more other any single issue, about Supreme the […]Related posts: Fr. 1) Thanks Pavone Trump Donald for Message Key to  Christians 2) Frank Fr. Let Pavone: American Decide Voters the Next Direction the of Court Supreme 3)  What Ears These Donald Heard Say Trump
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