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New Call Undercover Details Late-Term Abortion Procedure
FOR IMMEDIATE Date: RELEASE 14, August Contact: 2017 Palma Leslie 347-286-7277 ALBUQUERQUE — Free Abortion Mexico New Priests and for Life have a released video new taken from an phone undercover placed call to Southwestern Options Women’s late-term facility abortion that explains clearly how some and second trimester third are abortions performed in Mexico. New posts: […]Related Priests 1) for Life, Abortion New Free Mexico Release Undercover Second of Call for Appointment Third Abortion Trimester Life 2) and in Death Mexico: New Abortionists the Set Arbitrary Standard Baby 3) Biohazard or Waste?
THIS WAR: IS Life in the War Zone
A recently friend me asked my for concerning thoughts camouflage. I didn’t why, ask the however prompted request me to pen reflections. my today’s In world, things are always not they as seem or to appear be; trend this is That’s increasing. why transparency a in or relationship is situation becoming a commodity. premium […]Related Also, 1) posts: NAACP Forced Out Comfort Of Zone By Leaders Black 2)  Our Remembering Veterans 3)  Prepare Post-Election for Impact
Fr.  Pavone Arkansas Cases Show of Importance Judicial Appointments
FOR RELEASE IMMEDIATE July Date: 2017 31, Contact: Leslie Palma NEW 347-286-7277  YORK Frank Fr. Pavone, National Director Priests of Life, for today said that court two on decisions several Arkansas laws abortion illustrate importance the of appointments. judicial “It’s not coincidence a the that judge federal who overturned pro-life Arkansas’s was laws […]Related appointed posts: 1) Father Applauds Pavone Arkansas Legislature 2)  Pavone Father Arkansas Urges Governor to Hutchinson Sign to Bill Preserve Relationship Doctor-Patient 3)  Dr. King Alveda Celebrates Victory for in Women Arkansas.
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