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“Ultrasounds are routinely performed before an abortion but abortion clinics often don’t let women see the ultrasound image or get a description of their unborn baby before the abortion occurs.”

This special page on the KRLA website was created to educate the public about the value of Ultrasound views for women in abortion clinics.

PLEASE NOTE: for many months we featured a YouTube video of a testimony from a lady who saw an ultrasound and decided not to abort her baby, but now we cannot find such testimonials on YouTube.

An Ultrasound Bill passed both House and Senate during the 2017 Kentucky Legislative Session.

Even though the bill passed and we celebrated its signing with Governor Bevin at the Rally for Life, our joy was short-lived.

The new law was challenged nearly immediately by the ACLU and the EMW clinic. Judge David Hale heard arguments from the opponents and from attorneys for the State of Kentucky, and overturned the law. An appeal is in process. Stay tuned.

The purpose of this webpage is to provide links to website news stories that tell the story of how Ultrasounds save lives, and how states are routinely challenged when they pass these Ultrasound laws.

Below, find a story of interest to you; then copy the page address (url) and Tweet it on Twitter or Post it on Facebook, with hashtags:

#ISupportKyUltrasoundLaw and #KyUltrasoundLawUnderFire


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