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Kentucky Statehouse Republicans

by Dave Bauscher, PAC Chairman

No one realistically thought Kentucky House Republicans — who hold 63 of the 100 seats — would lose their majority, but Democrats were hoping to make a dent in the GOP supermajority.

By the end of Election Day, the state GOP had lost only two seats.

That means Republicans will still have the power to pass constitutional amendments or —in short sessions held in odd-numbered years like 2019 — tax bills.

The Senate GOP also saw its ranks increase by at least one seat, giving them 28-10 majority in the upper chamber.

Pro-life bills are assured of getting respectable hearings for the next two years in our state legislature. Thanks be to God.

The LEGISCAN news feed carrying updates to our pro-life initiatives in the 2018 Kentucky Legislative Session has been moved to the News Page. The feed has been updated for the 2018 Session (5/19/18).

Right to Life organizations, crisis pregnancy centers, pro-life educational foundations, and other pro-life advocates inform, educate and offer whatever assistance is needed to encourage pregnant women to choose life for their babies. Right to life groups lobby effectively for life-saving legislation.

The Kentucky Right to Life Political Action Committee (PAC) was formed to identify pro-life candidates and work to elect them. Every innocent human life deserves to be protected by law, so electing law makers who are willing to protect innocent human life is crucial to our success.

One of the most important roles that the KRLA PAC plays is to educate voters about candidates seeking elective office.

The KRLA PAC takes this role seriously. Though the KRLA PAC is not a "single-issue" organization, its leadership understands that without life, all other rights are illusory.

We have been asked how to get "endorsed" in the KRLA PAC Alert. First, the candidate must respond to all the questions on the survey with pro-life answers. Then, after reviewing a candidate’s answers to our questionnaire, we check the public record that is on the Ky. Registry of Election Finance. This tells us if a candidate has given financial support to pro-abortion politicians in the past. It also tells us if a candidate has been successful in raising funds to finance his or her campaign. We also look for any information supplied by the candidate on websites or social media to view their professional experience, public comments or stated goals. If the KRLA PAC is to achieve its goal of electing pro-life candidates, we must find those who are the most likely to succeed. That said, we do run into situations where it is very hard to see a difference, and in those cases we recommend the two equally. Our judgment at times is called into question, and we then review our work, and post new information when that is best. There are also times when posting new information is not possible due to deadlines or other details. Please always feel free to challenge the KRPA PAC and please work with us to elect pro-life candidates.

You are EMPOWERED because you live in a republic where YOUR VOTE COUNTS and you have FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Contact your legislators when you have something to say!

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