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The Verdict on Kentucky's Ultrasound Law


No Buffer Zone; Changes Coming?

How many abortions in July 2017 at only one Ky. clinic?

Watch prolifers speak up at the July 19 Metro Louisville Council Meeting
Our THANKS to ALL who attended and ALL who spoke. Ten prolifers spoke; only three EMW supporters did. The prolife speakers are listed.

NameAffiliationVideo Start TimeNameAffiliationVideo Start Time
Margie Montgomery RTL of Louisville 15:30 Donna Durning Sidewalk Counselor 19:15
Vince Heuser Attorney 22:58 Ed Harpring Archdiocese of Lou 26:25
Peggy Strange Silent No More 33:55 Cheri Misner Prolife Worker 36:10
Schu Montgomery RTL of Louisville Board 38:55 Dr. Frank Simon American Family Assoc 44:10
Patricia Horton Helpers of God’s Precious Infants 48:45 Marvin Boone Citizen, Bardstown 53:40

Two clinics team up to oppose Kentucky's safety regulations for abortion businesses!

COMPREHENSIVE Sex Ed Agenda Advances in Kentucky — Read more

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Video of the Month

How to get around the law

Dr. Suzie Prabhakaran, Medical Affairs VP for Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida, Confirms PPFA Uses Paperwork to Fake Compliance with Late-Term Abortion Rules