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From the Executive Director
Dear Friends,

How blessed we are in Kentucky and many other states to have had some outstanding victories Tuesday! Trying to restore the protection of laws to the lives of preborn babies and their moms is a continuing pursuit of pro-life action. Tuesday’s election showed the necessity of dedication and unbelievable energy. Each of you who prayed and gave your time to achieve these excellent results have our sincerest appreciation. It worked!

Many sincerest thanks!
Margie Montgomery

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Video of the Month


A person who is new to the prolife camp could question: "Why do you worry about fetal pain during an abortion? Aren't we just against abortion? Why do we focus on fetal pain?"

This is a good question. Early in the prolife movement, no one wanted to work for legislation that would limit abortion to a particular stage of gestation or affect the decision process through ultrasound or literature requirements. But as TIME went ON and ON and abortion remained legal, we began to ask, "How can we limit abortion?"

Though the primary goal is to end it, while TODAY it continues to be legal throughout all nine months, we must work to limit it, and surely, to control or END the PAIN a preborn baby feels. Why should the mother get anesthesia but not the baby?

So, our legislative efforts have focused on this for many years, yet our Kentucky State Legislature has NOT EVEN ALLOWED our bill to reach the floor for a vote! In fact, since 2004, every common-ground prolife bill has been KILLED by the Democrat-controlled House. When the 2015 Session starts, we will try again.

Did you know that many physicians and academics who specialize in fetal pain set that window at between 11 and 18 weeks?