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The BLAST OFF DEADLINE to register to VOTE: October 6
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Video of the Month

Getting the Vote Out When It's Neck and Neck

The below videos emphasize the importance of working together to Get Out The Vote— GOTV!

In 2012 there was a referendum for voters to decide on "Death with Dignity" in Massachusetts. A YES vote "would have enacted the proposed law, allowing a physician licensed in Massachusetts to prescribe medication, at the request of a terminally-ill patient meeting certain conditions, to end that person’s life." The initiative failed, but only by a slim margin.

The video helps us to understand the issue better, and reminds us to help GOTV for prolife candidates. As pointed out by the NRLC, "A respected poll showed 68% of Massachusetts voters in favor and just a paltry 19% opposed." Yet, the vote was 51% to 49%. More here about this close call.

In the second video, John Wayne and Ronald Reagan explain the importance of getting each Republican voter to the polls on November 4... in 1966. Working together to get the vote out won the governorship for Reagan in 1966. Let's work together!